Often Overlooked Advantages of Ductless or Split System Air Conditioners

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A split system air conditioner is one that isn't connected to ductwork in a home or room; it's what you see in hotel rooms, where the system cools just one space at a time and not the entire building. These systems are available for home or commercial use and not just for hotels, and they can be a good choice for a variety of applications. Note a few of the advantages they can offer for your home or other facility.

Cleaner air

A central air conditioner works through a home's furnace and vents, and this means circulating dust and debris that settle into the building's vents. It's not unusual for vents to hold, not just dust, but also pet hair and dander, human hair and skin cells, dead bugs and bug carcasses, rodent droppings, and the like. If you don't have your vents cleaned regularly, that debris and contaminants are being pushed through the vents when your central air conditioner comes on. Because a split system doesn't work through a vent or ductwork, the air it circulates is often much cleaner and more hygienic.

No need to install new ducts

A split system unit doesn't require ducts so it's a good choice for smaller buildings where ducts are not an option, but which are too big for a window unit to cool or where you may be afraid of a window unit being stolen. For example, you might opt for a split system for a guard shack or construction trailer or for a granny flat on your property. You avoid the cost of having to install ductwork but also don't need to worry about covering a window unit or having it get stolen.

Note too that installing ductwork in your home or other building can take weeks and disrupt the everyday activities of that building, whereas a split system can usually be installed in one day. There is less construction mess or cleanup required with a split system unit, making it a good choice for when you want a fast installation or don't want work interrupted in an office or other such space.


A ductless system typically uses a refrigerant that has no ozone depletion potential. This will result in less environmental impact when you use your split system, versus a central air system and especially a ducted system that is older and which uses a damaging type of refrigerant or that consumes a tremendous amount of power to operate.

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11 July 2016

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