4 Design Tips for Adding Bifold Doors on a Home Construction or Remodelling Project

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Bifold doors are a creative way to merge an indoor and outdoor space, allowing you to feast on your outdoor view and create the illusion of an extended space. To do this, both spaces should be carefully designed to create a continuous canvas that flows naturally to the eye, so that the doors don't look like a boundary between two vastly different spaces. This article shows you some ways to do this while keeping in mind the most important aspects of the project.

Choosing your flooring 

Having complementary flooring between the inside and outside of your space can make a small indoor space look bigger. Therefore, choose the same floor colouring and style inside and out: if using tiles, choose similar-sized tiles in the same shades or patterns where possible. Of course, outdoor tiles must be stronger to bear the exposure to elements, but you can find complementary designs for the different styles. If using wooden or wood-like slats, ensure they are laid out in the same pattern. Also, your patio or decking should be at the same level as your indoor space for continuity, safety and convenience.

Merge internal and external features

Choose complementary styles for your indoor and patio furniture. The positioning is also important: place the outdoor furniture close to the door in a layout that complements your indoor layout. You can create zones outside, with areas for play, relaxation and even dining on fine-weather evenings, particularly if you have a large space to work with. Introduce some houseplants indoors to complement your outdoor garden or include other natural elements such as seashells, bamboo crafts, animal-skin rugs and wood carvings among others.

Figure out the folds

Determine the best configuration for your folding doors: bifold doors can open inwards or outwards. The number of leaves/folds will also affect your view, so choose the fewest possible while considering security implications. Installing bifold doors on a longer space increases the design impact – you create a feeling of more space and light internally. You can increase the length by having bifold doors covering adjoining walls, especially if your yard extends to both sides.

Visit home exhibitions and supplier showrooms to see how different door styles can fit different spaces; online pictures are also a useful resource. Don't worry about privacy: you can install retractable blinds which allow you the privacy you need when necessary.

Work on the garden/yard

Finally, ensure that your yard is worth looking into, since that's the point of having these doors. You can incorporate different features depending on the amount of space you have: a small garden, entertainment zone on the decking/patio, play-area for the children, a small pool etc. –it all depends on your budget. Consult a landscape architect to help you work the details of the external space.


19 July 2016

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