Important Considerations When Choosing Tarp Systems for Trucks

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Buying a tarping system for your fleet of trucks is an important decision you shouldn't make hastily, especially if it's is your first time. This is because truck tarps are not "one-size-fits-all" systems, and no trap system is the best choice for every truck.

Here are some critical things you should take into consideration prior to making a final purchase decision.


Before you can jump into selecting a tarp system for your truck, you should know not all tarp systems are made the same in terms of sturdiness. Some tarps are built strong to last for several years while others will wear down in just a few months. Therefore, your purchase decision should be based upon how long you intend to use your tarping system. If you have long term needs for a tarping system, you are better off paying a premium price for a top-quality fabric tarping system that will resist ripping years and years to come. But if you only need to occasionally cover your truck loads with a tarping system, a low-price tarping system might work just fine.


It is in your best interest to keep your personnel safe when they are covering or uncovering a truck load. Should any of your employees suffer injuries when they are installing or uninstalling a tarp system, they could sue you for workplace injuries. Tarping systems for trucks are available in two versions: manual and automated tarping systems. While both tarping systems work reliably if properly secured onto the truck, automated versions are generally safer to use because they eliminate the need for employees to cover or uncover the load from above ground level. For optimal safety, it is best to invest in an automated tarping system for your truck.

Intended application

Your intended application will weigh up on your choice of fabric. Various fabric types available include woven, vinyl and mesh. Fabric selection should be based upon your intended application. If you need a general-purpose tarping system, woven fabrics would be an ideal choice. If you need a special waterproofing tarping system because your freight may be easily damaged by water, a vinyl tarping system is the way to go. Mesh fabrics allow for good wind flow and are easy to use because they are light in weight. They are ideal for covering heavy loads that do not need waterproofing service, such as sand and gravel.

If you need to make further clarifications on tarping systems for trucks, feel free to consult a tarp supplier.


22 November 2016

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