Timber Frame Truss System: Which One Should You Choose?

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Timber frame trusses are used for homes and buildings that feature an open floor plan system. Timber roof trusses are distinct from the standard roofing systems which are covered with drywall and other materials to create a ceiling. When choosing this design for your construction, you need to determine the best design based on the structural and aesthetic needs of your construction. Here you will learn some of the guiding factors that should help you choose the ideal timber frame truss system for your home or building.

Amount of open space needed

The amount of open space available in the interior of a building can make a room feel bigger, more cozy and more sophisticated than it is.  For maximum openness, choose a simple design such as a king truss system. King truss systems consist of a horizontal lower chord with a central king post that's horizontal to the rafters. This truss design gives the room and warm and inviting feel despite the vaulted ceilings.

If you don't want the space to look open and empty, you can choose another the scissor truss system. In this design, the beams are crisscrossed to the left and right across a middle beam. They are suitable for construction that features elevated ceilings as they can fill in the empty space.

Aesthetic considerations

Timber roof trusses can dramatically affect the aesthetics of a building due to their design and rustic feel. When choosing a truss system, you need to determine your expectations in terms of appearance and luxury. If you want a simple system that delivers on aesthetics, you can go for the king truss system which features horizontal chords and vertical posts which create a rectangle within the truss system.

For a sophisticated and elegant look, you should consider the hammer beam truss. In this design, the ordinary tie beams are cut through, and the remaining portions, usually known as hammer beams are supported by hammer braces that project from the wall. This design creates a complex, elegant and beautiful truss system that's primarily for decorative purposes.

Color and finishing options

It is important to determine whether you want your trusses to be painted, stained or left to their natural rustic look. Consider the surrounding colors when choosing the best finishing method for your trusses. If you have white walls, you should consider staining the timber trusses as leaving them unpainted can give a dull and bland look. You can use any colors ranging from natural browns to red tones to white depending on the color scheme in the home.

Consult a professional contractor if you have any difficulties choosing the ideal timber frame truss system for your home so that you can get a functional and aesthetically appealing truss design.


2 March 2017

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