Winching: 3 Additional Bits of Kit You Might Need

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A winch is a mechanical device which is used to adjust the level of tension of a wire or rope by extending it outwards or retracting it back in. Winches are used for many purposes. One common use for a winch is for lifting vehicles which have become stuck in thick mud in rural areas. A winch which is attached to a tree can help to lift the tyres clear of the sticky mud. Below are details of additional bits of kit you may require when using a winch to lift a vehicle.


If a winch wire breaks while it is under tension during lifting, it can release a large amount of stored energy. As the split end of the wire snaps back, if it is not dampened, it may cause damage or injury to surrounded property and people. A dampener is a large soft blanket which is designed to absorb energy from the wire if it breaks, reducing the risk of injury.


The majority of mobile winches run using electrical power. While it is possible to hook an electrical winch up to the battery in a car, doing so will probably drain the vehicle's battery leaving it completely dead. You can avoid this problem by using a portable battery pack which matches the power requirements of the winch. Doing so will allow you to drive the vehicle away as soon as it is clear of the mud.

Winch Kit

A winch kit typically needs to be purchased separately from the winch equipment. The kit will contain a range of items which make using the winch easier and safer. Inside a winch kit, you can expect to find a strap which will enable you to anchor the winch wire around a tree which causing any damage to the tree or the wire. You will also find a bent rod which can be used to help feed the winch wire into its spool without any danger of your fingers becoming trapped in the rollers. Finally, the kit will also include personal safety equipment, such as heavy duty gloves and eye protection.

A winch is a valuable tool in any vehicle repair and recovery kit, which can help you to get out of a sticky situation. If you have any more questions about how to use a winch or the range of accessories available, you should contact a professional winch supplier for further help and advice.


29 March 2017

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