How Contour Surveys Help You Create a Budget for Your Building or Development Project

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If you are planning to build on a site, there are a number of considerations you need to keep in mind as you create a budget. To help you create the most accurate budget, you may want to use a contour survey — it can help you hone in on projected expenses in the following ways.

1. Projected Cost of Retaining Walls

A contour map shows the rise and fall of elevation in the site you are developing. If you plan to use retaining walls to deal with changes in elevation on the site, you can get an idea of how many walls you will need and where they should be located when you look at the contour map. Then, you can estimate costs based on the amount of bricks and concrete you need as well as labour associated with building the walls.

2. Estimations for Earthmoving

If you only want to use retaining walls sporadically or if they aren't part of your design process at all, you will need to level the land. That can require hiring earthmoving equipment, paying a landfill to take your fill dirt, and covering the cost of workers to level the area and haul away the dirt. If you want to create an accurate budget for your project, you need to understand the swells in the land so you can make estimations about what you need to smooth it all out for building. Your contour map can also help you create a timeline for your project.

3. Removal Costs Related to Human Made Objects

Contour surveys don't just show the contours of the land. They also show any human made or natural features in the area. For instance, a contour survey will include ponds or rivers if they are in the area, but the survey will also show old fences, retaining walls, foundations, or items made or abandoned by humans. If you need to get rid of those things before you develop the land, it can help to know where they are and how plentiful they are so that you can estimate demolition and removal expenses accordingly.

These ideas don't just apply to developers who own the land. You can also use these ideas if you are a contractor. For instance, if you are putting in a bid on a project, you may want to ask for a contour survey so that you can make an accurate budget before you create your bid. To learn more about the benefits of contour surveys, contact a surveyor directly.



4 April 2017

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