New Home Features That Add Value, and a Few That Don't

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When having a new home built, it's good to think of that home's potential resale value, even if you plan on living in the house for many years. A job change or illness may mean you'll need to sell the home and move sooner than expected, or you may want to take out a home equity loan against the value of the house. This is why it's important to discuss all potential features with a new home builder so you can choose the ones that actually add value to your home while avoiding those that don't. Be sure to discuss the following options with your builder.

Insulating factors

Anything that adds to a home's insulation is usually going to add to its value. The home's roof, the insulation itself, windows and entryway doors may not be the fanciest options to discuss with a home builder, but these are the ones that most affect its overall insulation. The investment of a metal roof over thin asphalt shingles and blown foam insulation over fibreglass, can mean a bigger payoff when you are ready to sell. They also mean lower utility costs for you while you're living in the home.

Attractive windows

Large windows that bring in lots of light and fresh air can increase a home's value, as they make it more comfortable and inviting. Opt for a picture window in the living room and casement windows elsewhere, rather than standard sliding, double-hung windows.

Security options

Increasing a home's security can almost always make it more valuable. These features can include thick, steel entryway doors rather than wood, deadbolt locks on the windows, and crossbars on the patio door wall. However, be sure your security features are not complicated or cumbersome, such as a high-tech alarm system that some might find difficult to use or cameras in every corner of the property that make the space seem like a prison yard! Keep the home welcoming but secure overall, and this will add the most value.

Features to avoid

You might be surprised to note which features in a new home may not actually add value, including an oversized footprint that cuts into the yard space, specialty plumbing features that may add to a homeowner's water consumption, and fancy driveways that may be harder to maintain than a standard drive. Ask a real estate agent about all the features you're considering for your new home, as he or she can advise as to which ones might add value in a particular neighbourhood and which ones should be avoided.


4 April 2017

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