Answering Some Commonly Asked Questions About Home Extensions and Additions

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Home extensions and additions are a great choice for any family that needs some added room, but without leaving their current home. These additions can mean an added bedroom or master suite, office for the person who works from home, or sunroom for relaxing and entertaining. Whatever your need for a home extension or addition, note some commonly asked questions about this work and then discuss your options and needs with a contractor as needed.

Does an extension need permits and inspections?

Even if you're just adding a sun porch with a simple frame and screen, you typically need permits and inspections done. This is to ensure that the home's foundation is strong enough to support the weight of that addition or extension, and that your plans for the extension won't damage the home's roof. Cutting an exterior wall also usually means rerouting the electrical wiring in that area, and this will usually involve an inspection before and after the work is done.

When working with a contractor for your extensions or addition, ask if they can obtain these permits for you and arrange the needed inspections. This can make it easier for you, as they may know all the steps needed to ensure these things are cared for properly.

How do zoning laws affect an extension?

If you're building an extension to run a business from your home, you need to ensure your neighbourhood is zoned for businesses; even an office that receives clients for an accounting business may need to get a zoning variance in some places. Also, zoning laws may affect the permitted size of your home; you want to ensure your extension or addition doesn't encroach on a neighbour's property or come too close to overhead wires. For all these reasons, it's good to ensure you are compliant with zoning laws before starting work on your home.

Do home extensions or additions always add value to a home?

More space in a home almost always adds value, but this isn't always the case. For example, a very large extension might make your outside property seem smaller and cut off the view from the backyard, and this can detract from any added value. Awkwardly placed extensions or additions can also be of little value to the home. If you're concerned about how much value will actually be added by an extension, talk to a real estate agent first, before even drawing up plans, and they can advise as to how any extension can affect your home's resale price.


5 April 2017

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