A Side-by-Side Evaluation of Solar Panels versus Solar Tiles

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Today, there is an urgent need to cut down on your domestic bills to optimise savings. One thing that usually eats into your income is the money you spend to pay for electricity. Harnessing solar power will provide an alternative means of power in your home. It will help you cut down your power bill quite significantly. To add on that, using solar energy is a great incentive to the environment because the sun is a source of clean energy. You will be doing the world a great favour using solar power over the traditional hydroelectric power. Here is a comparison between solar panels and solar tiles to help you make the right consumer:

Solar Panels

Solar panels are photosensitive devices used for converting the sun's light and heat energies into electrical energy. They are large flat pieces of equipment designed for harnessing natural light and put it in a form that can be transmitted using cables and stored for future use.

  • Why solar panels: there are numerous benefits that come with going for solar panels over other methods of harnessing solar energy. First, you can move the panels from one place to another depending on the position of the sun. This allows you to make the most of the available sunlight, which is particularly important in seasons when there is so little of it. Additionally, it is easy to install and replace any damaged solar panels using mounting brackets.
  • The Downside: solar panels are foreign objects on the roof. They add weight to the roof and ruin its looks.

Solar Tiles

Unlike a case where solar panels are cast over a traditional roof, solar tiles replace the entire roof. They are roof shingles that act as the roof and perform the functions of solar panels at the same time. They come in a host of colours, sizes, shapes to suit different house designs. They are thus a good option for anyone that's looking to do an overhaul of their roof or install a new one when building their house.

  • Why Solar Tiles: their aesthetic appeal gives solar tiles an edge over traditional panels. You can match them with other features on the house without the panels looking imposing on the roof. Additionally, solar tiles cover a larger cross-section than solar panels, which increases the potential to generate electricity.
  • The Downside: a roof capable of protecting you from elements and generating electricity at the same time will cost you lots of money. Repairs are equally costly because you have to put the whole roof into consideration, unlike solar panels.


19 April 2017

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