Wood vs Metal Carports: Which is Better?

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If you don't have room in your garage for your vehicle, you might be looking for another way to protect it. A good alternative is to set up a carport next to your house, which will provide coverage to protect your vehicle from rain, snow, hail, and other weather conditions. Two of the more popular materials used for carports are wood and metal; here are some things to consider when deciding which material is best.

Wood Carports Are Good For Aesthetic Purposes

One of the reasons people often get a wood carport as opposed to metal is because of how it looks. Not only can wood itself provide a lot of different design possibilities, but it is often a better match to the style of your home. You might not want the carport to stick out like a sore thumb, which sometimes occurs with certain metal or aluminum carports. You can actually have the wood carport custom-made to match the look of your home, making it look like it was meant to be there all along. Of course, many newer metal carports also have an attractive appeal, so don't let this be the only reason you choose wood.

Metal Carports Are Long-Lasting

If you want a carport built to last, it doesn't get much better than metal. The heavier metal carports are made of galvanized steel, which not only keeps the carport in place, but steel can also handle a lot of different elements and weather conditions. The metal carports can handle everything from rain and snow to fire, and they won't be damaged like a wood carport could be.

Wood Carports Are Often Heavier

While metal carports are often more durable, wood carports tend to be on the heavier side, especially if the metal carport is actually made of aluminum. This makes them much less likely to be damaged in heavy winds or to blow away, possibly damaging your vehicle. A metal carport that's heavy enough to remain in place might be a little pricey, as you would have to get the steel variety.

Metal Requires Less Maintenance

A major benefit for metal carports is that there is much less maintenance involved. To keep them pest-free and reduce water damage, you don't need to seal the carport like you would if you had a wood carport. It also doesn't need long-term maintenance in order to prevent certain types of damage. Metal is also very easy to clean.

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24 April 2017

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