Why Building Owners Should Enlist the Service of Professionals When It Comes to Performing Demolition Jobs

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Buildings require materials, manpower, technical knowledge, and time to construct. Because of the substantial investment that is often made in the construction of buildings, it may not be easy for building owners to reach a decision to bring down their structures. But in situations where a building has been identified as an occupancy risk due to major structural integrity issues, this is the only option property owners will have. 

Building owners should avoid undertaking demolition projects on their own. They should enlist the help of demolition contractors instead. Here's why. 

There are major health and safety risks involved.

If not properly undertaken, building demolition jobs can expose people to so many potential health and safety hazards, including falling debris, flying projectiles, inhalation of toxic airborne fumes, et cetera, et cetera. These hazards may be unknown to those who are not involved in the business of demolishing buildings, thus increasing exposure levels. Because demolition contractors specialise in the business of bringing down buildings at different locations, they are better qualified and experienced at assessing and analysing safety risks involved in every demolition project. For that reason, they can effectively eliminate or mitigate project-specific risks that may cause serious bodily injury to workers, or deteriorate their health. 

There is need for environmentally-sensitive demolition.

Some building materials, such as concrete dust, asbestos and lead paints are hazardous when released into the environment. Depending on the specific types of hazardous substances or materials present in a building, environmentally friendly ways of removal will need to be used at the demolition site. To prevent contamination of walls, floors, and ceilings by asbestos, for example, plastic sheeting may be used to cover the surfaces when the asbestos is being abated. This helps produce clean waste that can be reused or recycled without causing harm to the environment.     

Professionals can make easy work of any demolition project.

When it comes to building demolitions, whatever job a DIYer can do, a professional can do it using a much easier way. This is generally because a demolition professional is better equipped to do the job because that's how they earn a living. While cost constraints may force a typical DIYer to use manual tools, e.g. jackhammers, pry bars, sledgehammers, and claw bars, which often require a lot of time to get the job done, a professional may offer the advantage of working with cutting-edge machinery, like cranes, excavators and bulldozers, which will make easy work of the demolition job at hand.


11 May 2017

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