How to Ensure That Your Quarry Operation is as Environmentally Friendly As Possible

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No matter what type of commercial operation you're involved in, you need to work together with all of the team to come up with the most efficient practices possible. In short, you will want to be able to do the job as quickly, practically and safely as you can for the least amount of money. In recent years, more stakeholders have wanted to see evidence of this efficiency, in order to help safeguard the environment and one industry that has taken this on board proactively is the drilling and blasting business. This sector has now developed techniques and technologies that focus on the reduction of any site's carbon footprint. What does this involve?

Operational Efficiencies

Software has now been perfected that allows all the information related to a particular blasting and drilling operation to be gathered and input, to quantify and provide an important reduction in the carbon footprint at that site. This software gathers detailed information about the design of the blast itself and correlates this with a raft of other data. For example, travel distances are calculated between the quarry site and the nearest depot and from there to other distribution points. This information is added to the performance details of the trucks used in transportation, the power of the drilling rigs used at the quarry and the operational speed of those rigs.

When different drilling or blasting techniques are used, a comparison can be made about their relative efficiency, so that energy and environmental impacts are reduced in these operations.

Then, separate software can determine the relative efficiency of other primary activities associated with the quarry, such as secondary processing and crushing. All of this detail needs to be assessed in tandem, to take into account the total environmental impact of the quarry's work.

Operational Techniques

Cutting-edge technology is being used at the same time, that can accurately measure how energy is confined at each point of the blast to a very granular level. This allows different categories of explosive to be loaded into each blast hole, so that a variable amount of energy can be released to maximise confinement. At the same time, the carbon footprint of each particular blast can be estimated, as well.

Dialling It All in

If you want to ensure that your operation becomes as efficient and as environmentally friendly as possible, you should get in touch with cutting-edge drilling and blasting contractors. They should have access to the very latest tools and machinery, in order to ensure that the size of your carbon footprint is minimised.

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27 October 2017

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