Marine Transportation: Three Practical Guidelines on Preparing Your Yacht for Shipping

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If you are planning on taking your yacht for use in an international destination, you should think about having the vessel transported. Marine transportation will protect the boat from degradation. In simple terms, your yacht will not be exposed to rough water, and high winds can cause extensive damage during a journey on the ocean. Also, shipping your vessel helps you avoid being in dangerous situations when navigating. If you are interested in this transportation option, here are some guidelines to help you prepare your yacht for the journey: 

Secure the Structure

The primary objective of transporting a yacht instead of sailing it is to protect the vessel from damage. However, numerous people overlook the importance of protecting the vulnerable elements in the unit. In simple terms, if the ship handling the transport hits a rough patch of water, the stress from the water could be transmitted to the yacht. Also, you should note that water and general moisture can accumulate in your vessel if you do not take precautions. Ideally, you should tape the hatches to prevent accidental leakages. You should also secure and lock the cabin doors, and where possible, tape them shut. Also, if you have fragile belongings in the vessel, ensure that they are in a safe location and stabilised. 

Document Yacht Condition

When people engage a towing service to move their vehicle, they often take photographs before the towing process begins. This action can help you avoid misunderstandings with the tow company. In the same way, you should think about exercising this precaution when shipping your yacht. You should inspect your vessel and document the condition before leaving it to your transporter. If there are damaged parts, you should record the details and even take photos of the structure. You should also discuss the scuffs, dents and scratches with your shipping company for clarity and accountability. If you do disassemble some components before the journey, you should ensure that the information is included in your documentation. 

Check the Vessel Equipment

There are critical pieces of equipment in most yachts. If these are neglected during the shipping process, they might cause future problems. Therefore, you should check the structures and prepare them appropriately for the journey. In general, you should disconnect the battery and place the cables away safety. You should also consider emptying your fuel and water tanks because these fluids will shift during transportation. Additionally, you should remove hull drain plugs and the anchors for easy handling during shipment. 


1 December 2017

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