Small But Important Features to Include In a New Custom Home

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When you work with a custom homebuilder, you can choose virtually any material for the finishes, as well as dictate the walls' paint colours, and opt for the size of the rooms that will work for your needs in particular. However, there are some small but important features you might want to include in a new custom home, which can make it more enjoyable and functional overall. Note a few of those features here.

Vented shelving

If the closets in a home are not properly vented, you may wind up with clothes that smell musty, and which might suffer from dyes being transferred between pieces that are too close to each other. Books on shelves can also become musty and mildewed over time. To avoid this damage, consider vented shelving for any built-in shelves and bookcases. This added ventilation will protect your clothes, books, picture albums, and other such pieces from potential damage.

Electric vehicle outlet

You may not drive an electric vehicle now, but these cars are becoming increasingly popular all over the world, so having an electric vehicle outlet built into the garage will mean not having to retrofit that outlet if you should decide to purchase such a vehicle in the future. This can also increase your pool of potential homebuyers, if you should decide to sell the home, as a buyer with an electric vehicle may appreciate having that outlet already built into the garage.

Central vacuum

A central vacuum means not having to haul a heavy vacuum cleaner around the home, and can make cleaning tile and wood floors much easier as well. With a central vacuum, there are outlets located around the house to which you attach a hose, to vacuum carpeted floors. There can also be outlets that collect the debris you sweep, rather than having to use a dustpan. All this debris is then collected into a large bag, typically located in the garage or basement, that you then empty or replace as needed.

Motorized skylights

As with many other features of a home, it's often easier to include skylights in the original plans than it is to add these later. Skylights can brighten an otherwise dark room, and added natural light makes any space look more cheerful and welcoming. Motorized skylights can increase air circulation, so that you may need to use the air conditioning less often during the summer, and so that you can let out more humidity during summertime, reducing the risk of mould developing on the home's building materials.


1 March 2018

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