Three Simple Maintenance Tips for Your Wooden Fence


Wooden fences are beautiful and will enhance the appeal of your home. However, these fences are more vulnerable to deterioration and damage than steel, aluminium and plastic alternatives. If these fences are neglected, they will sustain water damage and begin rotting. Also, the material can be damaged by pests such as termites and wood borers. Therefore, if you want to preserve the appeal and strength of your wooden fence, you must be diligent in upkeep. Here are simple tips for promoting optimal durability and aesthetics.

Eliminate Fungi

You should clean your wooden fence to eliminate mildew, mould and other organic growths on the surfaces. These growths promote the fast degradation of timber. Moreover, the beauty of the fence will decline as the fungi and even moss covers it. Therefore, you cannot afford to ignore the invasive material. You can clean your fence using diluted bleach or vinegar and an appropriate brush. However, you will enjoy more convenience and efficiency if you use a pressure washer. It is advisable to protect the surrounding plants using a tarpaulin during the cleaning process to prevent corrosion by the cleaning solutions.

Protect From Moisture

You should protect your wood from excessive moisture absorption and subsequent rotting. You should not assume that your timber fence can withstand constant exposure to moisture just because the material is stained, sealed or painted. Instead, you should do your best to minimise contact with water. In general, it is important to minimise the build-up of debris around the fence. The leaves and twigs can cause water damming and moisture retention in soil, accelerating rot. You should also remember to shovel snow buildup around the fence during winter. In addition, trim back the trees overhanging your fence to minimise the water flow during the rainy season.  

Repair Fencing Damage

You should check the fence for damaged and missing connectors. If the wooden structure does not have enough fasteners, it will be more prone to collapsing in inclement weather. A collapsed fence will be difficult to repair or replace. You should tighten any loose screws to reinforce the fence. Also, check for protruding nails and hammer them into the wood. If you notice rusted connectors, you should think about using new alternatives for longer service. After repairing the fasteners, you should check the wood for splits and cracks. You should seal the damage using waterproof glue. Then, hold the pieces of wood together using a clamp until the glue dries.

Finally, you should consult a fence repair contractor if your timber fencing wobbles or fails.


30 July 2018

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