3 Ways to Prepare for Firewood Storage in Severe Weather Conditions

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There is a growing interest in using wood burning stoves, fire pits and wood fireplaces during the winter months. Though this is still something done in rural areas or seasonal cabins, it is catching on in more suburban areas. If you have just purchased a wood burning option that you want to use during the colder seasons and extreme weather conditions, you may be wondering how to find timber for sale for firewood and how to store it. Here are three ways to prepare for firewood storage during severe weather conditions.

1. Dry Out the Wood

When you buy timber for sale that is intended for firewood, it may not always be as dry as it should be. You will need to dry out your wood logs as much as possible. This can mean laying it out in the sun to dry or a similar method. The wood needs to be as dry as possible for several reasons. The first reason is that you may want to treat the wood against water damage from ice or rain. The treatment will hold to the wood and work best if the wood is as dry as possible. The second reason you want the wood as dry as possible is because if it is stored with any dampness that dampness can lead to wood rot when it is near severe weather conditions.

2. Keep Firewood Elevated and Ventilated

A key point to preparing the timber for sale that you use for firewood is to keep that firewood elevated and ventilated. People tend to stack the firewood on an elevated area, but they do not space the wood to allow it to ventilate. If the wood is stacked too tightly, it can cause heat and humidity build up. This build-up can damage your firewood and cause it to be useless when you are ready to use it. This isn't a big issue if the firewood is being used for entertainment, such as in fire pits. However, if it is used for warmth for the cold months of the year, any damage can become a huge issue for you and your family.

3. Avoid Full-Time Coverage

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with your firewood storage is to cover it all the time. Keeping the firewood covered full time can trap heat in the area and cause several issues with the wood. Ideally, the wood should only be covered during rainstorms or during heavy snow. However, if it is possible, you should avoid covering the wood and place the firewood storage indoors. This can be done in a storage shed, barn, or enclosed patio.

Once you find timber for sale that you can use for firewood, you can begin prepping the firewood logs. If you want wood that is treated for even more weather protection, ask the place that is selling the timber. They may have timber for sale that is already prepped and ready to go for firewood storage. For more information, contact a company like Bowens.


10 October 2018

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