Three Simple Maintenance Tips for Your Wooden Fence


Wooden fences are beautiful and will enhance the appeal of your home. However, these fences are more vulnerable to deterioration and damage than steel, aluminium and plastic alternatives. If these fences are neglected, they will sustain water damage and begin rotting. Also, the material can be damaged by pests such as termites and wood borers. Therefore, if you want to preserve the appeal and strength of your wooden fence, you must be diligent in upkeep.

30 July 2018

Does it cost more to heat or cool your home?


In the middle of the summer, the thought of cool air is as appealing as your favourite meal or your favourite holiday destination. On the other hand, the thought of warm air in the middle of the winter offers the same effect. Heating and cooling costs account for nearly half of the energy consumed in your home. However, have you thought about breaking down your heating and cooling costs to determine which is higher?

25 April 2018

How to Overcome the Challenges of Restoring the Stainless Steel on Your Boat


If you're involved in renovating your boat, you will want to make sure that it is as self-sufficient as possible, especially for some of those longer journeys. You may be looking at some of the water distribution systems on board and are getting ready to restore some stainless steel pipes as part of your work. What do you need to bear in mind, however, to make sure that your restoration will last and that your work is safe for all who will be on board?

20 October 2017

The benefits of home window tinting


The sun is equally a blessing and a curse. It affords us the sunny weather but at the same time can bring plenty of misery if homeowners aren't ready to deal with the heat and sun rays. Of course, installing an air conditioner is one of the first things to do when dealing with hot, sunny temperatures. Not unless you have no qualms wasting money away, another effective solution to cutting down on your energy expenses and unwanted glare is to consider home window tinting.

5 April 2017

Species & Grade: Which Wood Should You Choose for Your Timber Flooring?


There are two main factors to bear in mind when choosing the materials for your timber floor: species and grade. The species of wood you pick will determine your floor's colour, and the grade of that wood will determine your floor's character. Species & Colour: Which Wood Is Right for You and for Your Home? Wood is of course a product of nature, and all nature is packed with variance. Every species will produce a different range of colours, but within those ranges no two planks of wood will be exactly alike.

16 November 2016