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What to Do If You Discover Asbestos in Your Home

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Since the dangers of asbestos exposure were publicly revealed, it's become a homeowner's nightmare. The thought of discovering this hazardous substance in your property is accompanied by thoughts of risk to your family's health and expensive, disruptive work to remove it safely. Despite how widely the dangers are known, however, few people really know what they should do in the event they discover asbestos. Inhaling asbestos fibres is linked to a number of different respiratory problems, most worryingly mesothelioma — a type of cancer.

28 March 2018

Small But Important Features to Include In a New Custom Home

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When you work with a custom homebuilder, you can choose virtually any material for the finishes, as well as dictate the walls' paint colours, and opt for the size of the rooms that will work for your needs in particular. However, there are some small but important features you might want to include in a new custom home, which can make it more enjoyable and functional overall. Note a few of those features here.

1 March 2018

3 Crucial Aspects to Consider When Choosing a New Home Builder

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Building a new home is a big construction project that takes time and requires expert handling. That is why smart people buy their homes from quality home builders. A quality home builder is one that has the knowledge, skill set and experience required to successfully complete a home construction job. No matter how competent a home builder is, however, it is how well they understand client-specific needs that determines how well they meet all project requirements.

10 January 2018

Asbestos Soil Removal: Simple Safety Guidelines on Managing Contaminated Soil

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Proper management of asbestos in the soil is crucial, especially if you are planning on developing the contaminated land. Unfortunately, there are numerous risk involved in handling, removing and remediating the soil. In simple terms, if the soil is disturbed, the asbestos fibres within will be released. If the particles are inhaled, they will cause harm to the people around. Therefore, you should establish a strategy to keep the asbestos fibres from contaminating the air.

4 January 2018

Marine Transportation: Three Practical Guidelines on Preparing Your Yacht for Shipping

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If you are planning on taking your yacht for use in an international destination, you should think about having the vessel transported. Marine transportation will protect the boat from degradation. In simple terms, your yacht will not be exposed to rough water, and high winds can cause extensive damage during a journey on the ocean. Also, shipping your vessel helps you avoid being in dangerous situations when navigating. If you are interested in this transportation option, here are some guidelines to help you prepare your yacht for the journey: 

1 December 2017

How to Ensure That Your Quarry Operation is as Environmentally Friendly As Possible

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No matter what type of commercial operation you're involved in, you need to work together with all of the team to come up with the most efficient practices possible. In short, you will want to be able to do the job as quickly, practically and safely as you can for the least amount of money. In recent years, more stakeholders have wanted to see evidence of this efficiency, in order to help safeguard the environment and one industry that has taken this on board proactively is the drilling and blasting business.

27 October 2017

The different types of treated pine

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If you are planning a construction using timber, you might want to consider using treated pine. It is a very durable and aesthetically pleasing wood that can you can use in many parts of your house and fencing with excellent results. Pine is usually treated to increase its resistance to insects, fungi, water and fire. There are three ways in which pine is treated. The different treatments offer unique strengths and weaknesses.

19 May 2017

Ensuring Successful Plant Relocation Process

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A number of factors may agitate the process of plant relocation in industries among them being the current challenging economic times. In this case, companies have to develop a schedule that will lead to a successful plant relocation process. Some companies may decide to consolidate some of their industrial facilities in order to cut down on operation costs. Plant engineers and other supporting contractors have to be keen when executing the entire project.

15 May 2017

Why Building Owners Should Enlist the Service of Professionals When It Comes to Performing Demolition Jobs

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Buildings require materials, manpower, technical knowledge, and time to construct. Because of the substantial investment that is often made in the construction of buildings, it may not be easy for building owners to reach a decision to bring down their structures. But in situations where a building has been identified as an occupancy risk due to major structural integrity issues, this is the only option property owners will have.  Building owners should avoid undertaking demolition projects on their own.

11 May 2017

Wood vs Metal Carports: Which is Better?

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If you don't have room in your garage for your vehicle, you might be looking for another way to protect it. A good alternative is to set up a carport next to your house, which will provide coverage to protect your vehicle from rain, snow, hail, and other weather conditions. Two of the more popular materials used for carports are wood and metal; here are some things to consider when deciding which material is best.

24 April 2017